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Craig James for Senate

Craig James for Senate

Craig James (or “The Pony,” as us sports geek remember him) is running for senate. He’s in Texas, he’s running as a “Conservative,” and he’s not real popular right now over the whole getting Mike Leach fired over the b.s. with his spoiled kid deal at Texas Tech. It’s not really the fact that he’s running for political office, as a whole host of jocks have done, and on occasion, with some success; it’s that James’s ad is so bland and generic it’s like a TV/Hollywood producer’s idea of what a political ad for a fictional character might look like. Here, check it out:

It’s so cheesy and clichéd, it does seem a bit like James is being sarcastic, or mocking the political process. However since it’s doubtful James would have that level of sophistication or the desire to be the Texas version of Stephen Colbert, we’re left with the conclusion that this is the real deal. A scripted, bland, boring, made for TV republicanish Senate candidate. And for that, James is being excoriated. And while I’m no fan of James or his role in the whole Mike Leach fiasco, and it’s highly doubtful I’ll be voting for a Republican senator in this lifetime, I have to come to James’s defense here. What exactly does the media expect? Would they be less critical if his ad was a homophobic rant? An attack on President Obama’s patriotism? Or maybe a shot of him genuflecting at the feet of a giant cross? (The latter may be seen as proper qualification to QB an NFL team)

Craig James’s first senate ad is short, sweet, and milquetoast. As the critics point out, “just what you’d expect,” from a jock/rookie politician introducing himself. He basically spends most of his 30 second commercial praising governor/once presidential candidate Rick Perry, and inferring I guess he’ll do just like Perry does if elected. That’s a decent strategy I suppose, as Perry was recently re-elected, and is apparently, at least more popular than Congress, which is to say more popular than Hitler and the Bubonic Plague. So Craig James tells us nothing in his first 30 second clip other than he admires rick Perry and he’s all about “conservative values,” whatever the hell that means any more. Not sure what people expected, but I don’t get what the fuss is over.


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One response to “Craig James for Senate

  1. Pierre ⋅

    Compared to Rick Perry, I’ll take Craig James for governor!

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