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Oh look.. more racist crap with Ron Paul’s name on it

By now most everyone has seen the racist/fire and brimstone apocalyptic lunacy apparently peddled by Ron Paul in the 80s and 90s, much of which seemed to be in an effort to hock some stupid book. For the record, Paul has denied penning the newsletters, despite video evidence he seemed to at least give them his stamp of approval.

Well this time, we have a really, really bad web-ad involving John Huntsman and his adopted Chinese daughter. So bad, juvenille, and cartoonish in fact, the knee-jerk reaction from the pro-Paul blogosphere has been to claim that the Huntsman campaign created and released the ad themselves. Have a looksee and try not to laugh:

Chances are, this was not created by the Huntsman campaign. And certainly no one in the Paul campaign is stupid enough to think this would fly. Undoubtedly, this has to be the work of a desperate Paul supporter with too much time and bandwidth on their hands. Although the attempt to carve into the miniscule Huntsman support seems just as misguided as the message, but alas, no one else running has an adopted Chinese kid to pick on. Plus, the strategy has proven to be sound, like in South Carolina in 2000 when Karl Rove orchestrated a lovely, heartwarming robocall campaign against John McCain, suggesting his adopted part Bangladeshi daughter was a black child out of wedlock.

Yes, it’s Republican primary season…. and that means, smears, queers, and racism on the campaign trail. And even if we pretend for a second that a) Ron Paul didn’t pen, know about, or approve of any of the quasi-psychotic newsletters with his signature affixed (unlikely) and that the same goes for this asinine anti-Huntsman ad (likely) it still presents a troubling pattern. Paul supporters are fired up. And as some of my friends that fit that monicker point out, it’s because he’s the only true libertarian out there. The only guy not being bought and sold by the stoolies in the 2 party “system.” Mmmk. But, it appears some in their ranks are a bit off in their views of race and sexual orientation here in what we like to call the 21st century. And it’s not a stretch to imagine that some of this crowd is supporting Senator Paul because he, at the very least, seemed to.. at one time..  give the thumbs up to their antiquated messages about race relations and homosexuality.


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