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Death Threats: As American as apple pie


Ahh, there’s nothing that conjures up the old American spirit more than a good old fashioned wave of death threats. Whether it’s for a controversial political view, a bad rendition of the national anthem, being of an ethnic persuasion similar to that of terrorists or people we’re at war with, or sometimes, even something as asinine as playing a fictional character on TV. If you do or say something, or even look a certain way that a segment of the population doesn’t like, people will threaten your life, and sometimes the life of your family. Such is the current case of unfortunate San Francisco 49er return specialist Kyle Williams. And thanks to the advent of social media, death threats no longer just come in vague letters or anonymous phone calls, but now can be broadcast via outlets like Twitter for all to see.

Now I’ll add the obvious qualifiers. For every one ignoramus who issues a death threat, a good 100 or so people step up to let that person know they are being a rampaging cuntweasel. Moreover the overwhelming majority of these losers wouldn’t have the means or the ability to kill anyone, but that’s little consolation when faceless entities are threatening your and your loved ones’ lives. It should also be noted that death threats, and indeed murders of athletes and entertainers, is not a uniquely American thing, as botching a play in a goddamned soccer game can literally get you killed.

So I am not so naive as to think morons sending death threats to politicians or football players is endemic to Americans, or that it defines the American psyche. And inevitably social media is a conduit for idiots and sociopaths to express their drooling idiocy. Still, I see stories like the poor damn kick returner’s fuck-up and wonder if a little “internet censorship” wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. Ooohhh yea.. I went there.


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2 responses to “Death Threats: As American as apple pie

  1. Lando

    Hi Travis, big fan, first time caller. Let me just say, what a nightmare. Sports fans are typically drunk people attempting to transfer any emotional turmoil onto a sport where anger is channeled into excitement. When there is a huge letdown like that, the effects can be dangerous and a small minority will always come out and speak before they’ve realized the importance of the game (very little). I like your hyperlinks and the hilarity and you are welcome to go there anytime.

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