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Hoooo.. boy… here we go.

In my previous blog I asked how ugly it might get during this Republican primary season. I got a taste of the answer today. You probably didn’t pay much attention to the start of CPAC today (Conservative Political Action Conference). I sure didn’t. But in the rear view, I see this guy is on the panel. Look him up. His name is Peter Brimelow, and he is a racist. No really. He doesn’t really try to hide it, however he does occasionally try to masquerade under the monicker of being a “concerned conservative.” When he’s not busy being a blatant racist, he chimes into “mainstream” political issues, such as immigration. That is to say, he fucking hates immigration and is convinced it is destroying the county. And, because who says right-wing assholes can’t enjoy a good sense of irony, he himself is an immigrant (from England). Blatant racism? Check. Blatant hypocrisy? Check. A current centerpiece for a party desperately trying to expand its reach beyond rich white men? Uhhh.. someone missed that memo I guess. Or since Michael Steele is gone and Herman Cain dropped out I guess they just don’t give a shit anymore. This assbag taking part in CPAC should make any non-racist conservative cringe.. yet here he is, and dammit they are not gonna back down… yet.


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