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Floyd Mayweather : Idiot

Ok, so no one expects pro athletes to be very intelligent, or to ever necessarily add to anything to constructive social discourse. But when people go creating an ethnic sparring match where one is not necessary and has no basis to exist, they are just being assholes with a stupid agenda, or just plain old attention-whoring. If you haven’t seen, I’m talking about Mayweather’s tweet about Jeremy Lin, the new NBA sensation. Let me preface this by saying, as a Heat fan, this kind of sucks. (Yea I’ve been a fan since ’88, watched them suck for years, so no I don’t apologize that Pat Riley was crafty enough to bide his time and create a dream team… suck it). Lin appears to be the real deal, and the Knicks just got a whole hell of a lot better. If he keeps it up, they are legit contenders (If Amar’e and Carmelo stay healthy.. and don’t cry about less touches) He’s also the first Asian since Yao to break through in the NBA and play at an all-star level.

No, you moron, this isn’t an ethnic thing. The Knicks are always a huge story, whether they suck (which they usually do) or whether they are actually contenders (which they might be now) because of their market, and their history. And this isn’t just some other player who’s putting up #s. In his last 5 games (since given the chance to actually play real minutes), he’s averaging nearly 27 points, 4 rebounds, and 8 assists per game. Those are D-Wade/Kobe type numbers. This is a kid who came from out of nowhere and is dominating. That’s why it’s a story, Floyd, not because the kid is Asian. The story would be just as big if he was black, white, European, etc. Or you know what, maybe it is a little bit bigger because he is Asian, as Asians are still pretty scantly represented in the NBA. Can Floyd Mayweather not appreciate an under-represented minority breaking through in a sport dominated by other ethnicities? Really?? Well congrats dickweed, you just joined the ranks of Fuzzy Zoeller and the like who scoffed at Tiger Woods in not-so-muted undertones of racism.

There is no anti-black or anti-anything bias with the Jeremy Lin story, so cut the crap. And of course, all this does is give right-wing douchebags ammunition for their angry white man crusades. Well done. I hope some voices from the black sports world chime in and tell Floyd what an unbelievable moron and a dick he is being. Maybe Jason Whitlock can try redeem himself for the racial slur he aimed at Lin. That would be a good start.


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