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The Republican war on women ramps up..

No, I’m not being hyperbolic. It is very much a war, and the GOP is not sparing the nukes. In just the last few days we have Republican lawmakers trying to: deny the availability of contraception, (female contraception that is, there are no anti-condom or Viagra bills that I know of), cut funding for victims of domestic violence, and in the state of Virginia, make all women who choose or need to get an abortion be legally required to get a transvaginal ultrasound. That last term is not a cheesy orchestra/rock band that mangles Christmas tunes for $39.99 a ticket, it is as invasive as it sounds. Just to back up a bit, and try not to let your lunch back up when you read this, they do not have any plans to spare victims of rape or incest from this law. So if you are a woman who got raped, pregnant, and now wants or MEDICALLY NEEDS an abortion, the state of Virginia wants to legally require you have a probe inserted into your vagina whether you fucking want it or not.

An old white guy wants to stick a probe up rape victims' vaginas

Ok.. so where to start.. well let me give you some context to the domestic violence stuff. The GOP is trying to take a hard line because there is language in the legislation which expands protection for LGBT and undocumented victims of domestic violence. Before you check out of this mentally, figuring “oh I get it, well sure the Republicans are going to push back against those 2 groups, so what?”, keep in mind we are talking about VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. We have now officially gone off the reservation from absurd to ghoulish. Chuck Grassley, who once had people fooled he was moderate because he kinda sorta waffled on support for the Iraq War, is leading this charge. The only solace is that when this gets the press it deserves, and it will, it will be more rope the GOP seems bound and determined to hang itself with. There is out of the mainstream, and then there is so out of touch people begin to question your sanity. The Republican Party has doubled down on nothing but red meat to the “base,” in their hopes to recapture the White House and hold on to Congress. Apparently no one has told them their “read meat” is laced with cyanide. But more on that later..

An old white guy wants to roll back protections for victims of domestic violence, because some of them might be gay or Mexican. I wish I was kidding.

The Catholic Church, the right-wing talking heads, and of course, the attention-whoring GOP lawmakers were just fucking outraged that the Obama Administration wanted to require health care providers affiliated with churches to provide contraception to female patients. Of course, that is a bastardized talking-point version of events that has only a passing relation to what actually happened, but in politics, perception is reality. And, since the Democrats still need to prove they can be spineless in the clutch, they kinda/sorta relented, effectively not at all appeasing a Neanderthal-like segment of the population who are probably never going to vote Democratic in their lives anyway. Maybe they should have seen polling immediately afterward, which unsurprisingly, showed a strong majority of Americans were not on the side of pre-1930 women’s reproductive rights. Oh, but if only we could have stopped there..

An old white priest walks into a boys' locker room.. wait, stop me if you've heard this one..

More incredulous than I am at the disgusting nature of the invasive/medieval ideas being proposed in Virginia, or the crusade against women’s right of all sorts nationally, I have to wonder, where are Republican strategists in the midst of all this insanity? Does that term even make sense any more? Do such people exist? These are not winning platforms. This shit is so far out of the mainstream it sounds more like a rejected screenplay hatched by Tim Robbins and Susan Sarnadon than actual legislation in the year 2012, AD.

The GOP apparently feels the only way to hold on to power in Washington is to keep the fringe right energized. However they seem to lack (besides any sense of decency) a simple grasp of common math. The polling on these issues is not on their side. That is to say, the American public by in large wants to know if these assholes are for real with this bullshit. This isn’t the first time Republicans have taken a bold stand against the defenseless, like their brave stand against SCHIP, which similarly united a strong majority of Americans to wonder what the fuck was wrong with certain GOP lawmakers. In the wake of inevitable failed quick-fix promises from Obama and Democrats in Congress, a good chunk of independents and centrists started to lean right. Apparently this was interpreted by Republicans as “gone completely off the deep end right,” and they’re of course dead-ass wrong. The segment of the voting population they need are getting hip quick to the lunacy being peddled under the banner of “social issues.”


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