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Two degrees of seperation…

Ooohhhhh no he di’int.

You’re right.. I didn’t. But Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough… they did. And I’m sure they (at least Scarborough and Hannity) didn’t mean to. Knee-jerk reactions without thorough research can lead you to step in it. Maybe they should have done some research before having Pat Buchanan on, kissing his ass, and blasting MSNBC for firing him. Ok, so what the hell am I talking about.. Well, it goes like this. Pat Buchanan recently wrote a book called Suicide of a Superpower. In case you’re wondering, it’s about how America is getting too non-white and too non-Christian and that is going to destroy us. As a result Buchanan was suspended, and eventually fired.

Sure, the essence of Pat’s book is nothing you probably haven’t heard from your grandpa, or somebody’s grandpa, maybe even dad, uncle, aunt, etc. We can debate if that’s really racist.. or just kinda archaic and old-timey. After all, when grandpa makes some offensive racial joke at the dinner table you don’t kick him in the balls, you just kinda accept (or rationalize) that he was raised in a different era. This is probably the position that people who should know better, like Pat’s old drinking buddy Chris Matthews (who’s becoming even too wingnut liberal for me these days), or Stanley Fish at the NYT, took when they immediately jumped to Pat’s defense and lamented his departure from the network. (At least Bill O’Reilly and a few others made a valid point. This has always been Buchanan’s shtick. )

Hey MSNBC.. why you fire me?? Sure, I'm a racist old coot, but I've always been that way. In fact, why the fuck did you hire me in the first place?

Yea.. ok, but.. let’s take a closer look at the book, and the very first place he went to pitch it, and his reaction to getting canned from MSNBC. Pat’s book has chapters titled: “The End of White America” and “The Death of Christian America.” I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume Pat thinks these are bad things. And by insinuation, he’s saying a less white America and a less Christian America is a bad America. If you are not white, and you are not Christian, you are fucking up America. We clear? Ok, you know what, let’s pretend I have it all wrong. I really need to read this book cover to cover and absorb it to get it right. Maybe this is not a racist book at all, and he clearly intends to appeal to a diverse audience..

Ehhh… no. He went on this guy’s radio show to first hock it. So who the fuck is this douchebag? Well, I know that the 35 or so of you who read my blog every day don’t click links, but in this case, do it. You’ll notice another dumb-ass book for sale, with this guy’s skin-headed mug telling you he’s not a racist. Hmm.. wonder what that means. Then check the links on the lower right-hand side. Quite a hit-list. “Asians.” Blacks.” “Jews.” “Hindus.” “Gays.” If you don’t want to surf this fantastic site, I’ll give you a hint. He’s not very complimentary of these groups. He’s got all the bases covered. He’s even got an ironic section called “Allen West for president.” Allen West, as my friend and congressional candidate Patrick Murphy reminds me weekly via email, is an extreme right-wing homophobe. He also happens to be black.

Now stay with me here, because this is important and explains how it all ties together. The “Allen West” section on this dickhole’s blog is a bunch of stories about purported black-on-white violence. Let’s recap, shall we? A guy with a radio show has a blog that screams in your face about how he’s no fucking racist and you’re just a jerkoff liberal if you call him one. Then he has a bunch of links and crap that are clearly racist as shit. Then, in case at this point you weren’t sure if he’s really racist or just insane, he has a sarcastic title for a section about a very, very conservative black congressman, filled with a bunch of race-baiting insanity.

Hi there! I'm a racist. But not really, that's just what those stupid liberals call me because they can't HANDLE THE TRUTH! So buy my book.... unless you're not white. Then fuck you.

So.. Mr. Edwards has made 2 very distinct statements here. Neither of which make sense. On the one hand he has made a clearly racist website then told me not to call him a racist and if I do, I’m just a dumb-ass liberal. So then I humor him, and pretend he’s not, and he clearly lets me know he hates all back people, even conservative republican ones. I mean by his logic I should like Allen West, because he’s black and I’m all about Affirmative Action, even though West is an ultra-right homophobe. Of course I don’t, even a little, but now I’m trying to use logic against the criminally insane/stupid. No one wins. (He also has a derisive “Herman Cain for President” section, which is doubly ironic, since he basically parrots all of Cain’s terrible missteps, most often attributed by conservatives to the “liberal media.”)

So, here we have old Pat’s clearly racist book being introduced on a clearly racist radio show. MSNBC, who sometimes likes to pretend they’re fair and balanced.. har har… has really no choice at this point but to can him. And some of his old buddies, and the requisite Fox News talking heads, nod in agreement while Pat rails about the “left wing witchhunt.” Well, I think they should all hope whomever is listening hasn’t looked a little deeper into this. MSNBC loved Pat’s “conservatism.” Like I said, might as well keep up appearances and have a grumpy old man for Rachel Maddow to shake her head at. But writing a book that more or less calls for a race war to “save” America.. yea that does, and should, get you a pink slip. Then realizing that this book was launched on a really, really, really fucking racist guy’s radio show… at some point shouldn’t someone try to walk back their support for Pat?

So to recap.. I didn’t draw these lines connecting the elephant to the white hoods. These guys did. I’m showing you the strings, and wondering if someone on the right is smart enough to cut them. So far, evidently not. And by extension, they seem to be condoning the message of the book. I would really, actually, political points aside, like someone to step up to the plate and just stop reading from the goddamned Fox News handbook on this.


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