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The party’s over..

For Ricky boy. And why? Well, like I said a few weeks ago, it was more the flavor of the week thing. He seemed like an ok guy. A family guy. A guy who could relate to blue-collar workers. But then, well, he opened his mouth.. And Santorum came out.. First, it was: Don’t send your kids to college or else they’ll be snobs. Then we have Rick firmly holding on to the exploding political football that was the contraception “issue.” Then there’s the fact his campaign is completely disorganized and couldn’t get delegates in a lot of places even if he wins.

Add that to the fact that Romney is finally gaining traction..and..perhaps sadly, the looming GOP chaos and Armageddon predicted if Santroum was up big in polls but short of delegates, will likely not happen. Santorum may win Ohio tomorrow.. not much else.. and then it’s pretty much curtains. The question now is whether Rick starts angling for a VP gig and whether Romney wants that potential albatross riding with him into the fall. I doubt that happens. Once Rick bows out, I have to believe Romney desperately tries to find the centrist ground, after trying to re-brand himself as a born again Tea-bagger. But… adios Rick. We’ll miss you.


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