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Thumbs Up Thursday!

New weekly thing.. dig it..


First thumbs up to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. Governor Corbett today expressed his support for the “mandatory ultrasound” otherwise known as the “state-mandated rape” bill. And in a show of good faith to potential women voters, he allayed their concerns by telling them they could simply “close one’s eyes while it’s happening,” in effect making the lawful rape less.. well rape-ish. Way to go Governor Corbett for your progressive and high-minded stand for women’s rights!!


Second, thumbs up to Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans who are dragging their feet on renewing funding for the Violence against Women Act. This quaint Act was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support way back in 1994. How foolish we were back then. Everyone knows that domestic violence is a thing of the past and we needn’t fund this sort of cause anymore. Thank you Senator McConnell and Senate Republicans for taking a good look at a group that doesn’t need to be sucking at the federal teet any more. Women who are victims of domestic violence are ruining this economy! Thank you for your brave stand senators!!!

And finally, a big thumbs up to the band from University of Southern Mississippi. On the heels Tuesday’s GOP primary in which lots of old southerners stayed true to their roots by telling pollsters that Obama was a Muslim and expressing their displeasure at the legality of interracial marriage, the young folk got into the act today too. March Madness has started, and that means there was a first round game today between Kansas St. and Southern Mississippi. While Kansas State’s Angel Rodriguez (obviously a Hispanic) was at the free throw line, the Southern Mississippi band put down their instruments and in a solid display of patriotism taunted Rodriguez with chants of:  “Where’s your green card?” Ironically enough, Rodriguez may not know English, because he wasn’t fazed by this and sunk some late crucial free throws to lead Kansas State to victory! Oh well, can’t win ’em all, but way to go Southern Mississippi band!!!!


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