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Welcome to Florida, where I can shoot you in the face and not spend a second in jail…


If I make the case I feel “threatened.” If that sounds like pretty broad language, it is. And today, there’s a national uproar since an unarmed 17 year old kid was shot and killed by a self-appointed “neighborhood watchman.” Gee, I really miss my home state.

No, unfortunately you aren’t misreading this, and no, the Sanford, FL police department wasn’t written out of a bad Law and Order episode. This guy, who neighbors had been complaining about being a real pain in the ass and harassing people, took it upon himself to follow this kid, decide he “looked messed up,” and then, after being told by police dispatchers NOT TO FOLLOW THE KID, goes, follows him, confronts him, and said kid ends up dead. A kid who was outweighed by Zimmerman by 100 lbs and was armed with Skittles and Iced Tea.

Keep in mind, Zimmerman was not so much as even held overnight. Cops took his word for it, might have even coached witnesses to change their stories, then, ostensibly, let Zimmerman go home and to bed, and let this unarmed kid… stay dead.

Well, under that vague Florida statute, the cops did the right thing right, as in their own words, there was ‘not enough evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s story.’. Hmm.. funny how a judge called bullshit on that same claim, just last month in a murder that happened in Miami. Of course, that suspect was black.

Just… sayin…

This whole deal is sickening. And inevitably, now the Sanford police might actually have to put the donuts down and do their fucking jobs, due to the national outcry. But maybe it’s time to re-visit the “shoot first ask questions later” laws that the NRA and the gun nuts have pushed relentlessly for. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about someone being armed and defending one’s home, their family, or even their property from an attacker. But in this case, none of that seems to apply. I wasn’t there. I don’t know all the facts. But from what I do know, cops in Florida have more or less opened the door to the Wild West. If you feel “threatened, ” go on and shoot someone. If there isn’t enough “evidence” to refute your claim, you’re good to go.


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2 responses to “Welcome to Florida, where I can shoot you in the face and not spend a second in jail…

  1. The feds/FBI are now involved in the investigation. The local yokel cops will have to start sweating it just as much as Zimmerman is, because I’m willing to bet that they did something wrong too. They obviously didn’t handle this the way they should have, and now the spotlight’s on them. We’ll see what turns up, but whatever happened this poor kid is still just as dead. Sickening.

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