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One last thought on the Trayvon Martin murder..


For now.. I could go on for pages with timelines, evidence, theories, or just present the fact that both ABC and Fox are cherry picking parts of the 911 tapes to create a slant for their story (granted, Fox rushing to the defense of the NRA is 1000 times more psychotic). But just chew on this.. Let’s pretend for a second that all things were the same.. that George Zimmerman was doing his self-appointed “neighborhood watch” gig and Trayvon Martin was walking back from the store with candy and iced tea.. but.. let’s pretend that Martin was the one that was armed and Zimerman wasn’t.

Now the irony of this will probably make your head explode, unless you’re incredibly stupid or dangerously delusional. Under the changes in my hypothetical scenario, Trayvon Martin would have been minding his own business (albeit illegally armed) and Zimmerman would have still confronted Martin for no apparent reason. Per the very Florida law that led Sanford police to let Zimmerman walk away from the scene of the crime apparently without as much as a ride to the precinct for questioning, Trayvon Martin would have been justified had he been the one to shoot and kill Zimmerman.  

Now.. does anyone on Earth actually believe that Sanford police, in that scenario, would have let Trayvon Martin walk away saying there ‘wasn’t enough evidence to contradict his self-defense story?’ Ehhh… no. Moreover, Trayvon Martin, in that scenario, would actually have been acting in a manner that is true to the spirit of that very law.

Gotta love Florida, and the NRA.


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