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In the next few days, you may hear a friend, relative, or co-worker high-fiving someone because the massive health care bill crafted by President Obama and passed by Congress gets shot down along partisan lines by the Supreme Court. When they do, ask them these important questions:

What do we do about the 46 million uninsured Americans who still have to just show up to the ER when sick, and that the rest of us pay for with our premiums?

What do we do about Americans with pre-existing conditions?

What do we do about runaway increasing costs?

What do we do about the gaps in Medicare and Medicaid?

Now they might just be in the “let ’em die” crowd, or they might just be like “the American People and the Constitution have spoken.” And, they will have a point. Latest polling shows about 46% are in favor of repealing the bill while about 40% are not. Ok. Majority speaks. But, it’s not that simple..

In a poll released just today:

85% support insurance companies not rejecting people with pre-existing conditions

68% approve of the provision allowing children to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26

77% approve of the provision closing the Medicare “donut hole”  that screws some elderly people out of prescription coverage (as an aside: who the fuck would oppose this?)

A brand spankin’ new Reuters/Ispos poll shows that 44% of respondents favor the law, and additional 21% oppose it… because it doesn’t go far enough.

That adds up to…. 65% who seem to want some kind of health care overhaul, if not this one.


But let’s leave the lolcats and the other stuff aside for the moment. A majority of Americas don’t want this law. And why? Well, that’s an easy one. It’s that mandate. In case you’ve been under a rock or something, that part of the law states if you don’t have your own private insurance you’re happy with, you can buy into an affordable semi-government subsidized one. And if you don’t, you pay a tax and/or a fine.

Ohh yea.. that does sound kinda bad. Hell, even my very liberal ex was all freaked about that. Seems kinda harsh.. no? Tax or fine me if I don’t buy insurance? Kinda un-American. WHY YOU DAMN LIBERALS TAX ME FOR NO INSURANCE!!

Well you see, that wasn’t our idea. No, us liberals were way more keen on the European-style single-payer system.. you know in those barbaric places like France.. where life expectancy is over 80?? *ours is 78.1 cough cough*

Well who came up with this mandate thing? Hmm.. how about…. these guys. Yup.. this was a conservative “compromise” idea. Don’t take my word for it, ask Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation.

So to recap.. Americans generally like all the pillars of “Obamacare” (those who haven’t been brainwashed with the “death panels” crap and so forth..) except the part the conservatives anchored in there. Well, splendid. When it dies in the SCOTUS, and it will, let’s ask them what they would like to do about the very real problems in the American health care system that Americans overwhelmingly want addressed.

Chances are, they’ll have the same sputtering dumbfounded answers as Mitt had on Leno last night. But I will pretend this isn’t a partisan shit-slinging fest. So, Republicans, tell me the “replace” part of the Repeal/Replace banners. I’m listening. As is the rest of the American public.


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