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Thumbs Down Thursday


For today’s list, I’m dropping the sarcasm (mostly) and there’s only one contestant. He’s the dumbass with the shit-eating grin above. We’re all emotional over the Trayvon Martin murder, and I will concede that me being a Jewish white dude will never “get it” the way an African American who has seen profiling, racism, and hate killings “gets it.” But I know asshole-ish behavior when I see it. And Spike Lee took the cake this week. What did he do? Well, I guess Spike was so incensed over the heinous act of vigilante violence, that he himself saw fit to himself aid in dispensing some vigilante violence, by posting on Twitter what he thought was George Zimmerman’s home address.

So Spike is clearly an imbecile, but he’s not a fucking imbecile, so he had to have known the ramifications of posting the guy’s address. Do we want justice, or just our pound of flesh, Spike? What makes you better than Zimmerman, if he is guilty of what he seems to be guilty of? The answer? Apparently nothing. But best of all, Spike did like the Right Wing news sites did when they posted the picture of the wrong Trayvon Martin they lifted from Neo-Nazi site, Stormfront. (whole other blog on that forthcoming) Spike just found a listing for a George Zimmerman, and posted the address. Well, it turns out it was an elderly couple who had a son named George Zimmeman that lived there about 20 years ago. Not you know who.

So this poor old couple, for their own safety, had to uproot and leave their homes, because jackass Spike Lee decided fit to try to incite a lynch mob. Luckily for Spike, he seems to have found the kindest, most understanding elderly couple on Earth, as they seemingly have accepted his apology with open arms. I would not have been so understanding. And could you imagine had this been a couple of Tea Party-types? Oh would that have been a delight.

Anyway, where’s our apology Spike? Us regular folk who just want some justice for the murdered kid, not mean streets retribution. Not the kind of divisiveness that may have led to Trayvon Martin getting killed in the first place. Not the kind of self-appointed authority one uses to take the law into their own hands and leads to kids getting killed for looking the wrong way, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Way to set back those who are fighting day and night for justice. Way to draw a line and embolden the ugly characters on the other side of this thing, who frequent certain “news” websites and blogs. Way to be just like George Zimmerman. Lawless, self-important, quick to act without the facts, and stupid. Way to be a fucking creep.

p.s. You haven’t made a movie worth a shit in 20 years.


The civilized world





p.p.s. the Knicks still suck


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  1. p.p.p.s. – Yes they do.

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