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Saturday 80s video insanity: Crazy exercise face lady

The Reagan administration brought so much optimism to the country, middle-aged women lost the capacity to feel humiliation

All the trendy hipsters are all about the 80s. Chances are they didn’t grow up in that decade though. I did. And let me tell you, it was a weird time. And this isn’t an observation made in hindsight. I experienced the weirdness, tackiness, gluttony and premium cable boobies at 2 in the afternoon first hand, and vividly remember how “off” certain things seemed, even then. Now granted, it was probably me that was “off,” but I offer into evidence the vast stores of ridiculous videos from that time period.

Wait, did Bon Jovi do birthday party gigs?

Now bizarre, tacky videos are nothing new on the interwebz. Sites like and Everything is Terrible have been lampooning 80s insanity for years. So, as I rip them off, just keep in mind I’m trying expand my readership.. when I reach anywhere those levels, I’ll worry more about originality.

Anyway, the point is I can provide some context to the asinine 80s videos floating around out there. Present days everyone having access to video capability isn’t news. Even forgetting about affordable HD camcorders and flip cameras, most people don’t even use the video capability of their cell phones, which actually record with decent quality (This will go down as the golden age of amateur porn)

I'm a STAR

But in the early 80s something happened that really led to an explosion in videos. VCRs became affordable and accessible, and cameras could record video without film having to be developed or fed live through a TV station. Video rental stores popped up everywhere, and with them the “special interest” sections, which had PSA videos, exercise videos, and other forms of crap.

It’s why there are Angela Lansbury exercise/softcore porn videos and Dirty Dancing instructional videos narrated by sex offenders. So for my first offering in a weekly series (except when I’m too lazy to post) we’ll introduce a lady who has become the standard bearer for 80s insanity. Crazy exercise face lady. This woman obviously had some success with these, because I have found multiple uploads from multiple people, some of which say they had the original VHS tape..meaning someone bought it! That’s rad, and that’s why the 80s were a special time. But more of that later.. for now.. enjoy a titillating bit of 80s insanity, Crazy Exercise Face Lady.


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