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Thumbs Up Thursday!!

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Let’s rock n roll.

First thumbs up to Fox News anchor Heather Childers. Every newsroom has slow news days, or maybe Ms. Childers is on to something, when she tweeted a link to a story that the 2008 Obama campaign threatened to kill Chelsea Clinton if the Clintons took up the “birther” debate! Oh my! you know what they say about politics, all’s fair in love and war, and on Twitter! Of course Rush Limbaugh would tell you this is a Clinton-like tactic since for years he’s been claiming the Clintons murdered Vince Foster! The best thing for your credibility as a journalist is to espouse wild theories about murder and extortion. Oh wait, have I accused the aforementioned of being journalists?? My mistake! Thumbs up Heather Childers!

Second thumbs up to South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. Ignoring the fact that she herself is a woman, she did her job and carried the GOP water for toxic, horrific, politically suicidal jihad on women’s reproductive rights by saying some very interesting things about the contraception debate! To quote Governor Haley: “Women don’t care about contraception,” Haley said Tuesday after one of the hosts asked about her stance on women’s rights. “They care about jobs and the economy and raising their families.”

Astute observation Nikki! Clearly these massive protests we have seen in Virginia, Idaho, Georgia, Oklahoma, and just about every other state where Republican legislatures are attacking women’s right to contraception and abortion have something else in mind, despite their signs and chants! Or maybe you know better but are just keeping up with the talking points that are sure to drive your party off a cliff! Way to be a good soldier governor!

My name is "Boehner" tee-hee

And finally, a big hearty thumbs up to Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints. Some say football’s just a game, but I played and coached football, and for whatever reason I can tell you some of us men often take it very, very seriously. Maybe I never took it seriously enough when I played or coached that I wanted to seriously injure my opponents or give them permanent brain damage, which, despite the NFL’s best efforts to hush it up in recent years, is a growing epidemic among former football players; but you have to admire a coach to go to those extreme lengths just to win! Gregg Williams is on tape now instructing his former players to do just that! Way to play “war” vicariously through a sporting event coach! Your masculinity must be off the charts. Or, maybe you’re compensating! Either way, you won’t have a job any more for a while, so I applaud your bravery to stand up against human decency and sportsmanship! Thumbs up!!!


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