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Saturday 80s Video Insanity: Jan Terri

**EDIT** An astute observer who shall go unnamed pointed out a bad factual error I made in this one. This video was shot in 1993, so it wouldn’t be “80s video insanity.” But I still choose to include this video, for its retro feel. Sue me.

You... yes you

Jan Terri, much like Tommy Wiseau, is an enigma of modern irreverent humor. Are we supposed to be laughing at her, or with her? Does it really matter? Look, lots of unsigned “artists” made really, really bad music videos in the 80s. Hell, I was in some. But Jan Terri’s were just downright surreal, and I’m willing to bet Jan Terri doesn’t know what that means. I know she eventually developed a cult following and even toured with Marylin Manson. But that still doesn’t explain or excuse these videos. Jan frankly looks like the love child of Dr. Steve Brule and Jabba the Hut..

and that’s the best part of these videos. Dave Mathews couldn’t write music or lyrics this bad with a massive head wound.

But is Jan “serious?” Who is her target audience? When you watch Wiseau’s “The Room,” there is definitely something Andy Kaufman-esque about the whole feel of it. Only a madman expects that movie to be taken seriously. And if Tommy is just bat-shit crazy, then the movie becomes less ironic and more sad.

Rape oyster? hah.. I was watching the turtle defecate. Bologna tree

But in Jan’s case, I think she just wrote, recorded, and starred in her music videos because she could, because…. why the fuck not? Although if she sent these off to record labels for a listen, I would have paid real money to be in that room. Anyway… here is one of Jan’s greatest “hits” :  “Losing you”

Undoubtedly, the best part of this video is at the 2:32 mark, where the camera zooms and starts pans to the right, leaving Jan out of the frame, for no apparent reason.. although personally, I could think of several. Never the less, Jan chose to keep that in the final edit. Tim & Eric work hard to capture that kind of thing for comedy’s sake.. with Jan it comes naturally. God. Given. Talent.


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2 responses to “Saturday 80s Video Insanity: Jan Terri

  1. jeffrey ⋅

    Travistation must eventually be printed in book form, accompanied by a zip drive for relevant media.

  2. Matthew

    Eh, ’93 still felt kind of like the ’80s. Thanks for introducing me to Jan Terri…fascinating and frightening…

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