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Murder 2



It’s more than I expected, honestly. What does it mean?

Well, as far as I can tell, based on my Law & Order rerun knowledge, it adds up to the following:

– Prosecutors are not buying the self-defense or stand your ground defense at all

– They could have split the difference and charged manslaughter, the fact that they didn’t is telling

– There is more evidence we have not yet seen

– Zimmerman and the Martin family will have their day in court.. BUT:

– It is going to be near impossible to find an impartial jury, anywhere

– Zimmerman can blame the Sanford PD for that


This is what many of us wanted. The wheels of justice to at least start moving. However, this is far from over, and it will get uglier before it starts to make sense. Just wait for it.

Also keep in mind, judges and juries don’t always get it right. This is the same state that acquitted Casey Anthony. However, the system has a chance. Let’s see what happens.



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