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Thumbs Up Thursday!!

oh I'm serious..

First contender is Congressman Allen West of Florida. Now we know the good Congressman isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and he really spoke it this week! In the past he has enlightened us with such quips as comparing Democrats to Nazis, comparing himself to Harriet Tubman and Democrats to slave-owners, and openly calling for a war on the entire Islamic faith. Brave stances Mr. Representative! But this week he was bold enough to unearth a shocking discovery! Mr. West announced during a town hall event in Florida that there are nearly 80 members of Congress who are also members of the Communist Party! Oh my!

Who says McCarthyism is dead? Way to go Congressman!


Next up is embattled Governor Scott Recall…err.. Walker, of Wisconsin. Governor Walker bravely took a stand and repealed the state’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act. Way to go Governor!



The law allowed for victims to sue employers in state court which is often less expensive than filing in federal court. But why help those losers? Who cares that the bill was passed by the Republican controlled state legislature? Clearly women who are discriminated against with salaries less than their male counterparts need some more hurdles, not less! Let’s go ladies.. how badly do you really want that equal paycheck? Why are you silly gals working anyway! Get back in the kitchen!! LOL!! Way to go Governor Recall!



And finally, thumbs up North Korea! Ignoring international pressure not to launch a rocket that may be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, in a move that could further destabilize the region, they went ahead and launched it today anyway! =D Of course, it did crash into the sea immediately after launch and made the whole affair pretty humiliating for the North Koreans, but way to defy the will of the civilized world and act in an aggressive, unilateral manner, even when it blows up in your face! (literally!)


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3 responses to “Thumbs Up Thursday!!

  1. The fact that Allen West “represents” me in Congress is a burden I must live with every day of my damn life.

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