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Hey McCain… STFU, seriously..


Look, I more or less like john McCain. Dude is a war hero. Was a real life Rambo, living through a POW ordeal in the Hanoi Hilton that no mere mortal could withstand without cracking. I know I couldn’t, no matter how tough I think I am. He’ll always have my respect. He’s a real American hero, and no one can ever take that away from him.

As a politician though, it’s a mixed bag at best. Sometimes he does go all Maverick-y on the GOP, pissing off the “base” by endorsing stances like immigration reform and increased funding for vets’ benefits. (Wait, why are  the always pro-militry Republicans always fighting this? Anyone? Dad? Beuller?)

I could use a tax cut..

But sometimes, he’s just a GOP water-carrier, and that sometimes makes him a hypocrite, or an automaton. And that’s sad. For instance, there’s a lot of hearsay evidence that McCain nearly crossed party lines and tried to run with John Kerry in 2004. Now there’s no way to really verify this, but if it’s true, it would fit with his profile. It would also mean we could assume McCain was ticked off with the b.s. Swift-boating campaign headed by Obama “birther” king Jerome Corsi.

Not to mention, one would have to believe he was still fuming about G.W. Bush and Karl Rove’s attempt to smear his family and his war record during the 2000 Republican primary campaign.

Makes you proud, doesn't it..

So faced with a chance to take a stand for his war record, his family, and a sense of obligation to right and wrong, who was he loyal to? His party. GOP trumps all, I guess. Like I said, sad.

So what is McCain in the news for today? It’s the old GOP parlor trick. Do or say something politically slimy, then accuse the other side of doing or saying what you just did. This bait-and-switch has served Republicans very well for years (Hence, draft dodging G.W. Bush is the patriot and decorated combat veteran John Kerry is the “traitor”).

So was McCain’s commentary on a new web ad reminding Americans that President Obama gave the go-ahead for the Bin Laden raid, with a quote from Mitt Romney in 2008 that seemed to indicate he would have not supported such a raid.

Billions to kill Bin Laden? Nahh.. Billions in tax cuts for my friends at the Yacht Club? That's A-Ok.

Is there some political chicanery there, at least with the Romney quote? Sure. But ask yourself, if this was President McCain running for re-election, and his opponent had been quoted basically saying he wouldn’t spend the time and money to hunt “one man,” would he not be hammering that all day, every day? Take a wild guess.

So the president made the call that ended up in the killing of the most notorious terrorist in the history of our nation. And he’s not supposed to talk about it? I think this is just part of the “throw all the shit against the wall and see what sticks” political strategy.

Criticize Obama for slow-jamming with Jimmy Fallon. Criticize the President for not babysitting the Secret Service. Criticize the President for not wanting college grads to be in debt until they’re 60. Criticize the President for mentioning the Bin Laden raid was the right call? Really? I have to believe voters are starting to tune all this crap out.


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