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Weekend Musings 4/29/12

New thing to recap the week. A lot of this you won’t know or care about. Too bad.

Everyone got roasted at the White House Correspondents dinner, and no one’s feelings got hurt but Keith Olbermann’s. Enough Keith. It’s getting old.

I live in San Antonio, and that means it’s “Fiesta” weekend. Drinking, music, crowds, more drinking, and a parade that went right down my street. After 2 minutes In realized I am as bored by parades today as I was at 5. Fuck the parade.


Does anyone but me not really care that Ted Nugent is the same moronic, misogynistic asshole as he has been the past 30 years? The timing couldn’t be better when he was visited recently by the Secret Service. They must have exchanged tips.

Cat Scratch Retard

The Miami Heat beat the Knicks by about 78 in game 1 of their playoff series. Everyone still hates the Heat. And it’s not because of the “decision.” It’s because it’s Miami. People are envious that there should be a dream team in paradise. I am from Miami. It is not paradise. I can’t stress this enough.

Republicans have a very strange strategy to make up ground with women voters. They continue to fire volley after volley of anti-woman legislation, then immediately take to the airwaves to tell everyone there is no anti-woman legislation. It seems no one within the Republican power structure has connected the dots that women are actually really pissed off because of anti-woman legislation and not because they are merely losing the “message war.”


A bunch of Miami Hurricane players declared early for the draft, and none of them got drafted within the 1st two rounds. One didn’t get drafted at all. Lesson learned? Doubt it. The Miami Hurricanes are the poster child for how fucked up the indentured servitude system is in college football. Lots of greedy scumbags lurk all over Miami. And they have way to much access to low-income aspiring athletes.

Media Matters seemingly desperately wants to help keep Rush Limbaugh on the air. I swear a large part of his audience are now made up of liberals with too much time on their hands, ready to pounce and regurgitate whatever mindless swill he utters on his stupid clown show. Stop feeding the troll.

The Catholic leaders are rebelling against the Paul Rand..err.. Ryan plan. Ryan seems stupefied by this. He should stay on message. Most “religious” folk in this country are way more on the side of Ayn Rand-type thinking then the whole “love thy neighbor” and “help those less fortunate” bit.

Fox News anchor tweets a homophobic dig at Sandra Fluke (she has since apologized). And? This is who they are. This is their audience. Americans have gotten savvy to their deal. It is going to become alarmingly clear soon how the core of this country is not anywhere near to the right as those on the right believe.

You see it's funny.. because a woman testifying before congress about the accessibility of birth control must be a lesbian.. oh.. wait..

My liberal friends, they are not hard-left either. Someone will get it some point. Someone will also realize that the last 2 Democrat Presidents were very Centrist, despite being painted as flaming liberals.

2 playoff games, 2 PGs blow out ACLs with the outcome of each game already pretty much decided. Horrendous. The NBPA and the owners got what they wanted, I guess.


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  1. I was in NYC this past weekend. It was fun watching the first Knicks/Heat game up there. And the second one too, come to think of it. When I went into the NBA Store on Fifth, the guy working the register had a little chat with me about the series. I didn’t give him a hard time. He was already pretty dejected as it was. I’m nice like that.

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