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Moar Old School Sexist Ads!

You guys seem to like these even more than the stupid album covers. Mob rules when you’re whoring for web hits.. err.. trying to please your audience. So let’s jump right in, shall we?





Yea but neither a man nor a woman has 10 minutes to wait for the goddamn ketchup to actually come out of the bottle. Oh wait, this isn’t Heinz. It’s Del Monte. I think you can still find their ketchup at dollar stores and gas stations. So they got their comeuppance.. I guess.



Yea.. with your useless baby making, child-rearing, keeping up with house and car payments, keeping morale up while we fight our wars. Get in that factory and rivet something! Then when we get back, you can go back to kitchen, forget about having a “job” or “career,” and fade into a historical footnote from doing all that child-care and homestead up-keep while putting in years of manual labor to keep the war effort going. This message brought to you by the Republican Party of America.


On the floor?


Not sure I follow the message here. If we keep them on the living room floor, how will they fetch our beers and make us dinner? She sure seems to like that shoe though.


bend over honey.. I got a NEW TOY =D


Yes, this is another one where I’m going to assume this not a sexist ad, but a coy message to closeted sexual deviants of the 40s and 50s. Otherwise, is a guy really gonna give a fuck that his wife got a goddamn meat thermometer at the baby shower? I guess maybe if she was consistently poisoning them both with raw meat loaf.


A two-fer here.. because this is how I found it on the interwebdz


Left side: Well.. is it, Gary Cooper? Hard for me to get too offended by this one when the women in question is making the best “Eat a Dick” face in the history of advertising.

Right side: The cartoon on the right says: “Gosh honey, you seem to thrive on cooking, cleaning and dusting – and I’m all tuckered out by closing time. What’s the answer?” “Vitamins Darling! I always get my vitamins.”

By “vitamins” of course she means “uppers.” But in actuality, it’s hard to call this one really sexist. Not only is the man appreciative of all his wife’s hard work, he seems to expect the house to be a fucking wreck since she must be as hungover as he is. Maybe she could have added that he might not be so beat by 5 o’clock if he didn’t subsist on a diet of red meat, cigarettes, and dry martinis. But this was the 50s, and that was standard businessman fare.


Or the cat. So you’re improving!


Another one I’m not sure is completely sexist. Surely they aren’t saying all women routinely fuck up dinner, right? Moreover this guy could give a fuck.. as long as the beer’s cold. He is consoling his wife after turning his steak into tar. How did she manage to do that anyway?


Who cares? You’ve got his ass now


It would be important to know whether they meant to ask if she’s using Palmolive specifically or soap in general. If she doesn’t bathe except to go outside when it rains, then the answer to the question the ad is asking is probably “no.” Is that the sexist part?

I want to find some similar hygiene ads for men. There had to be lots. There were plenty of hair and personal cleaning products for men in the early to mid 20th century. I would bet a good deal of them had to do with not making women wretch or break out in laughter at the site or smell of you. I’ll have to do some more research and get back with a verdict about these Palmolive ads.



Oops.. wrong blog.





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