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So, I realize now I have about 20x more followers than I did just a few months ago. So, here’s a little something you might not have bothered to find in the archives, you dicks.


You people just can’t get enough. So who am I to deny your whims? There’s an endless supply to choose from, after all. So here you go. However, there are some new ground rules. I will try to only include albums I have at least given a cursory listen to, and will try to provide some backstory where applicable, along with the snark you’ve come for. There may be a theme to this batch. Something along the lines of “before they were famous.” Maybe not though. Stop asking questions and just read.



Scorpions: Fly to the Rainbow (1974)

I guess it’s tradition now that we lead off with a Scorpions album cover. And since I want to stay out of jail, I’ll refrain from featuring the original “Virgin Killer” one. So here we have what some may think is a brave announcement that the entire band is coming…

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