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My favorite South FL Mugshots

I pick on Miami and South Florida a lot. That’s because I had to live there for 32 years. If you’ve only gone there for vacation, you just don’t get it. Anyway, it’s overrun with scam-artists, idiots, and a lot of degenerates in general. Trouble with the law is a rite of passage. And some seem to handle it with grace or undeserved arrogance. This is a tribute to some of them.. Enjoy..


Or confusion.. I should have added confusion. Hey.. wait a second..



I’m pretty sure one of my exes left me for this guy… specifically..


This gentleman has seen it…. ALL.


Aww how sweet. It will be a rough morning wen she realizes this photo wasn’t from the office party..


haha…. unfortunate.. everything


After Patrick Swayze died, gigs as an impersonator were hard to come by. Sad he had to turn to crime..


You’re ahead of the game when your mugshot can double as a headshot with minimal re-touching..


Ahhh yea… keepin it real.. getting charged with domestic battery. I love Miami


So… they let women fix their hair before their mugshot?


WHOAAA….. ok.. first use your hand and cover the left side of his face.. then the right side. It’s like he has two fucking crazy glass eyes.


And this guy is the reason I can never go to jail/prison. If he decided to kick my ass and/or have his way with me.. no resistance in the world would stop it..


Oh honey… no no NO on those bangs…


The best thing about drunken brawling is.. win or lose.. chances are you won’t remember much.. so in your mind, and to all your friends.. WIN.




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One response to “My favorite South FL Mugshots

  1. Chris

    I’m so proud to be a Floridian. So very, very proud.

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