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Some random musings (5/31/12)

Sorry for the prolonged absence. Been working long hours and bla bla bla.. like you give a crap. So here’s some politics/social commentary stuff to bore you. Don’t worry. More Jan Terri and stupid album covers are coming.


So everyone is in a snit that Fox News is running a station-sponsored anti-Obama attack ad. (Or was, until they cooked up a story it was some “rogue” producer’s idea) Ok.. why are we in a snit about it? How is this any different than what Fox has been doing since their inception? Does anyone out there still believe Fox has anything to do with “journalism?” They are to news what Adam Sandler is to movies. Fox News is a 24-hour glorified GOP propaganda commercial, just as Sandler movies are 90 minute commercials for every corporate tie-in related to the production. I’m honestly not sure why this is news.


Ha fucking Ha…


So here in the great state of Texas (where we gleefully execute innocent people and give a sincere middle finger to those who try to point out maybe we ought to take a second look at that), our latest stroke of justice was getting a dangerous high school student off the streets, who had the audacity to work multiple jobs to help raise her siblings, aside from being an honors student. You see this poor kid missed some school, with all the 24 hour days to feed her family, etc. And the law is the law… so… fuck common sense.


So of course if she just dropped out of school.. no problem. Hope you learned your lesson, kid..


You might be shocked to know the judge that sent her truant honors student multiple job working ass to jail is a Republican. I’m also waiting for the right-wing reactionary web lynch mob to point out she maybe once smoked pot or flunked a test… oh wait, that’s already happening. Silly me.


Judge Lanny Moriarty, R-Texas. Enjoy your 15 minutes of infamy.


Mitt Romney cozeied up to Donald trump, then Trump does what Trump does when the press gives him a platform.. he spouts asinine shit. So now on the day Mitt secured enough delegates to formally be the Republican nominee, his campaign had to spend the day cleaning up huge steaming piles of Birther shit the Donald was leaving everywhere he could, sort of like a spiteful orangutang with diarrhea.


Hurry up and take the goddamn picture..


In my hometown of Miami, dudes are hanging out on South Beach, doing some new crazy drugs, walking naked down the expressway and eating people’s faces off. Before I knew the details of this story I had only heard the office water-cooler talk.. and I just kind of knew.. Miami. Thanks for not disappointing me, hometown.




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One response to “Some random musings (5/31/12)

  1. Matthew

    I hadn’t read that story about the high school student, and it’s extraordinary. Way to parody your party’s stance on the law vs. common sense and decency, oh aptly-named Judge Moriarty!

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