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If there’s anything I enjoyed more than watching the Heat go up 3-1 in the NBA finals and take a step closer to taking a massive dump in collective America’s cornflakes, it’s when the prudish ABC censors, still reeling from Janet Jackson’s Superbowl Titty-gate a few years back, were caught napping after the game and they aired Dwayne Wade dropping 2 M-F bombs in the tunnel.

You see, prudish America, besides just hating the Miami Heat and everything they stand for (having a choice where to go play, winning, and not living in f-#ing Cleveland), also just can’t handle the idea of swear words being uttered in the heat of a competitive NBA game. Of course for years this was never an issue, until Janet Jackson’s boobie flipped everyone the f-ck out and made all the Puritans grab their pitchforks..


The Horror..


So imagine my delight when Dwayne Wade was caught extolling the virtues of his teammate’s great game, by saying, heard clearly, “MARIO MOTHERF*CKIN’ CHALMERS!.” Not once, but twice. Great stuff. Here’s some video.. the fun starts at the 0:22 mark:


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