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Mitch McConnell hates you and wants you to die..


If you aren’t rich and are unfortunate enough to get sick. That is the only conclusion I can come to after his comments this past Sunday. Basically, when pressed by Chris Wallace (you know that liberal media stooge), about how he was going “replace” Obamacare after the whole “repeal” thing, which is McConnell and the GOP’s reason for existence. McConnell took a page out of the old Iraqi Defense Minister and basically said “There is no Health Care issue.” Mmmmmmk

Chris Wallace was as incredulous as I was. But it fits with the latest right-wing assault on health care reform. Remember way back in 2008 when both parties were all about that? Well once Obama got elected it was “death panels” and Socialism!!.. and oh boy did they win the message battle. Not just win.. I mean it was a slaughter.. still is. Obama might as well have passed an amendment calling for the murder of every first-born son.


But the saving grace for the GOP was that mandate.. surely the Supreme Court would strike that down.. that Un-American terrible piece of legislation.. that Obama didn’t want, and was shoe-horned in by Republicans.. like Mitt Romney! =D But of course that blew up in their faces.. and now.. well shit. Failure at the Supreme Court-level was supposed to be Obama’s Waterloo, remember?

And McConnell’s sentiments are in-line with what’s coming from the GOP.. from everyone but Mitt Romney, who has no choice but to at least say that healthcare reform.. SOME kind of health care reform.. (albeit not Obamacare.. which is essentially Massachusetts Romneycare on a national scale).. is that they don’t want health care reform.. of any kind.. for anything. Shit, according to these dudes, cancer isn’t even potentially lethal anymore!

Look, even though the GOP is still fucking killing this message battle, with like half the American public thinking Obamacare will impose a new tax, on everyone, which is TOTAL BULLSHIT, the polls still essentially aren’t moving. What happens if just a few people realize these talking points don’t jibe with reality, or worse, that since people basically like all the individual measures of the Act, except the mandate, and then realize the mandate isn’t what they think it is?

Well, let’s just keep with the story that health care is fine and dandy, and no reform is necessary at all. That or operation “Let Him Die” is next. That should go over well.


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