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Giblets and Nonsense 7/30/12

I’ve given up on themes and recurrent topics lately because ADHD is ruining my life.. But here’s some shit for you..


You’re old news, kid..


Ok ladies.. I’m insecure enough. Being cheated on is more or less an inferred goddamn inevitability when I get into a relationship and it’s a neurosis I’m trying to get over. But this guy.. THIS FUCKING GUY isn’t even immune? I give up.


The Mittster got back into the shittster when he started his England trip by immediately insulting the English for basically completely fucking up the Olympics. For once, he was probably on to something. The Brits made it so goddamn complicated and onerous to get tickets that there are huge swaths of empty seats for most events while people desperately try to spend large amounts of money and hours online trying to get in. Makes sense, I guess. It’s not like the Olympics cost much or like Britain could use the goddamn money.


I include this unrelated picture of Mitt Romney wearing a yarmulke.. because.. tee hee.


Chick-Fil-A’s president went and affirmed he’s bigot and a homophobe.. and .. then some stuff happened. I haven’t patronized a Chick-Fil-A in several years.. and now I won’t.. and whatever. For lots of reasons, boycotts have a lot more to do with gratification of those boycotting and a lot less to do with the fate of the business being boycotted. That’s fine. I accept that. In a story that may or may not be unrelated, a few days ago the company’s VP in charge of PR dropped dead of a heart attack. I don’t wish anyone an untimely death and generally don’t make light of such things, but let’s face it, this will be blamed on the gays.



Add Washington DC to the list of places where House Republicans are trying to erase Roe v Wade without officially doing that.. (what.. what? DC?) Better yet, as you may know if you stayed awake in US Poli Sci class freshman year, DC has no Reps in the House.. meaning.. *drum roll* The fucking House is trying to enact a brutal anti-abortion law upon women who don’t even have any representation in the chamber. Nice eh? Funny, I’ve seen plenty of Tea Party assholes carrying “Taxation without Representation is Tyranny” signs, when it doesn’t apply to them nor do they know what that means… But here’s some very real life-threatening shit they are attempting to impose on women, without representation. Tyranny, anyone?


And why “brutal” you say? Well like most completely Neanderthal anti-abortion legislation that has cropped up lately (and is accepted by the media as somehow merely legitimate and “conservative”), it does not spare victims of rape, incest, or those who may actually fucking die from their unwanted pregnancy. Got that ladies? YOUR house of Representatives wants to sentence victims of rape to potential DEATH for having the audacity to get pregnant. And House Republicans are freaked out about Shari’a Law? They are trying to enact it.

Why aren’t American women at the very least protesting the shit out of this asshole like.. every day?






And finally.. I’m on Pinterest!



Ok, let me clarify. I’m always a good 3 years behind on this shit. I really am not sure what the fuck Pinterest is.. but I do know chicks love it.. my gf is on it a lot. And it’s the newest thing.. with the chicks. Hence my excitement. I don’t know how I got there.. other than some shit from the blog has been “pinned.” Well isn’t this exciting.





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