The South is a caricature of itself..

A pretty good one.. and since it was just Earth Day.. figured I’d recycle..


Ok, so I’ll admit this. Public Policy Polling’s weekend polls that were ostensibly to give us insight on the GOP Primary race in Alabama and Mississippi, also worked in some questions that seemed to serve no other purpose than to let these states humiliate themselves, and humiliate they did. Let’s cut the pretense and go right to the #s, shall we?

In the great state of Alabama:

14% of respondents think Obama’s a Christian

45% think he’s a Muslim

41% “aren’t sure”

That’s a cool 89% of Alabamans who feel the President is just flat out lying about his religion. I would have loved to see some follow up questions as to “why.”

But wait, there’s more…Also in Sweet Home Alabama..

26% of respondents believe in evolution

60% do not

Now these #s really shouldn’t shock me. They don’t. I’m from Miami. Miami is sort of like West Berlin circa…

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