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Episode 3 – Just Say No to PSAs

Yeah I Remember That...

Some of the tastiest morsels of goodness that were ever presented to us via the television in the 1980s did not come in the form of full-length films or prime time shows. They were commercials, after-school specials, post-show messages, or even cartoons. Public Service Announcements (PSAs) were assaulting us with a constant barrage of safety messages.
Wear Your Seat Belt!” “Smoking is Bad!” “Don’t Copy That Floppy!” and of course the ubiquitous “Just Say No!”

For some reason, the Reagan administration thought the best way to fight the war on drugs was with bizarrely scripted, in-your-face messages that show 10-year-olds who somehow have easy access to pounds of marijuana, bottles of booze and crack, who are insistent on giving it away so others can do it with them.

In this episode, we recount some of our favorite PSAs, introduce our “Fantasy Reboot” segment and close with a brief philosophical debate on…

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