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Episode 5 – Gillian Bellinger

Yeah I Remember That...

In this special episode, we are happy to have our first guest – and it’s a good one. Gillian Bellinger is a comedienne, actress and quite possibly the funniest AND nicest human being we have ever met. With a resume too long to post here (check it out at, she is truly a triple threat. OK, maybe she doesn’t sing or dance but you get the idea.

In the first segment, we discuss Gillian’s comedy career, growing up in Texas, and her starring role in the Red Letter Media cult classic “Feeding Frenzy.” In the latter half of the show, Gillian helps us review one of her favorite childhood movies, “My Demon Lover.” We take a hilarious look at this not-quite-classic film and she even joins us in the ever-popular Fantasy Reboot. This is surely our finest episode yet! Tell us what you think by commenting below and following us on…

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