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Episode 6 – Cold War Kids

Listen, you pricks

Yeah I Remember That...

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Cold War Kid… wait, wrong 80s reference.

Many people remember the 80s as a simpler time: before Al Gore invented the internet and computers ruled the earth, when Bruce Jenner was on the Wheaties box for being a great male athlete, and when Bill Cosby was the American ideal of a husband and father. One thing that seems to almost be forgotten is that in this era of bright spandex outifts, synthesized music, and rampant individualism, we were at constant threat of being blown to hell by nuclear war. Of course, the Cold War officially ended with the end of the decade itself and Soviets were no longer mortal enemies. Throughout the 80s though, we fully embraced the idea of USA vs. Russia as the definition of Good vs. Evil, which was reflected in the media of the time.

In this episode, we recount our impressions of…

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