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Episode 9 – Video Games: Past, Present, and Future

Yeah I Remember That...

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this…

Who are we kidding? We had all of those systems. In fact, we were practically raised by video games. This is why we swore long-ago our first-born sons would be named “Link” or “Shinobi.” (Fortunately neither of us have sons… at least not that we know of. I tried to name one of my daughters Zelda but for some reason my wife vetoed it).

In the first half of this two part extravaganza, we chronicle the earliest days of home consoles starting with the wonderful Intellivision. We then evaluate two decades worth of video game history in about 20 minutes (impressive, right?). Pierre explains why he always has been and always will be a gamer (who needs a social life?) Travis then says the complete opposite and labels himself a “last-gen gamer.” Join us for an 8-bit stroll through…

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