Deranged Maryland sorrority girl email rant, translated..

into Korean and back into English via Google Translate. Why? Because I can.



Opened to tie yourself to the chair you’re sitting under, because you just fucking ride via This e-mail will be told you. Case

Obviously this chapter, most people trapped under the rock your head Night events, and Sigma Nu in terms of social interaction, we were fucking. I brought the text for the text to eat LITERALLY people and too awkward and boring fucking fucking. You to read right now, you fucking punch yourself in the face right now do not say to yourself “But they like Julia, I this week with my sister too was fun!” If you can do it yourself in campus can be found.

Does Sigma Nu sister does not provide a flying fuck how much you love to talk to you, not flying fucking sex. Sisters Kanji 1 year 361 days out of the week, I’m one of them is not fucking do not repeat. Confrontation we’re standing around talking to each other, to foster a relationship of Greek society for the week, it’s not fucking possible. You stupid dick Newsflash: FRATS do not like boring women’s organizations. Newsflash Double Oh FUCKING wait. SIGMA NU we SUCK, you stupid, and damn, the SO FAR SUCK But if you need to spell it out for you, if you fucking do not want to hang out, and the United States is about the post-game in front of the other fraternity brothers SIGMA NU that you talk openly joke.



the Unites States is about the post game


You’re retarded? Literally it’s not a rhetorical question, in other words, if the Night event, do not move you anymore, so I mentally degradation email me, I would like to send. “Yeah, we’re invited Zeta” publicly the Sigma Nu, you happy? Would you like to you? FUCK YOU to them and why you do not do not know? In front of THEM! The other frats than in the case, your brother, your boyfriend, it must be post-game I do not care, college students, or the entire family. You do not go. You. Do not do it. GO. And you do not hurt another woman persuaded to leave with you, especially.

“But Julia, I read this e-mail” when you say “a little harder on your computer screen with a bad voice in all sports, something does not compute to our team did you cheer?” No stupid ass hat, IT does not nourish. Why are you fucking know? It does not count because I’ve been fucking at the event of too sober FUCKING.


Too sober fucking


(For example, things such as the presence of the stupid shit saying “DURR kickball?” A fucking WEIRD for text is not fucking fun) Sports’ve gotten, as well as people I but I’m opposed for people to The team actually been rooting for text. The opposite. What the hell. Team. Are you stupid? I do not care about sportsmanship, you fucking rooting for our sports games have never been the other one, you do not? Are you BLIND? Or density, damn you


Density, damn you


to be a sponsor of Greek society against our just trying to create a happy people like you who think about what it means to you? Well it’s time someone like nobody fucking our FUCKING MATCHUP, you did not say. I fucking cunt punt to the next person I hear such a thing, you Sor me if I FUCKING assault does not matter.

“Oh Julia, Oh so email me so sad because I was crying now.” So good. This e-mail if you night and day do weird shit weird shit in the corner, some asshole, that apply to you in any way, this message is for you:


me so sad

I do not go to the events of today.

I’m not a joke. Do not move. You not doing anything that I mentioned in the email, you can do these things, seriously, if this is a rare disease in this chapter, HORRIBLE, I repeat HORRIBLE PR. 40 girls rather interesting to talk to the boy, and is a son of a bitch I is not fucking awkward at least 80. You rot “nooo, I’m too serious, tell the boy,” If there is one man who told me, then I pity you because you have in your life so far, and do not know how you like our It does not display for the chapter, and do not try to stop a fucking cock block, fuck. Sincerely. I look at today’s event a fucking mistake, I fucking swear, you’re awake, even if to tell you to leave. I’m not kidding. Look at me.




To people who offend in this email, I will apologize, but I really do not care. Get out.