Supermodels Badly Acting

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A supermodel has one job – sit there and look pretty. Occasionally, one of the mega-supermodel types will venture out and try new things like talking or even acting. Usually, this ends badly (see Tyra Banks Show.) While we certainly appreciate these women for more than the eye candy they are, given our personal experience watching their attempts at acting, we can safely recommend sticking to magazine covers.

In this episode, we remember the glorious days of pinup calendars, magazines and adolescent idealizations of the female figure. Don’t worry, it’s not as dirty as it sounds. We mainly review the movies. First, we revisit “Necessary Roughness” from 1991. The college football answer to “Major League” except not nearly as funny and substitute Charlie Sheen for Scott Bakula. Kathy Ireland puts in her best acting performance to date (because she barely has any spoken lines.) We briefly considered reviewing “Alien From…

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Friday the 13th

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On Friday, February 13, 2015, something happened… an event that will live on forever… Basically, we decided “Hey we should do a show about Friday the 13th!” But it was too late, so we waited until Friday the 13th in March and a few weeks later here you go. (The internet will live forever BTW)

Did you know there are 3 occurrences of Friday the 13th this year? Did you know that won’t happen again for 11 years and only happens on non-leap years when New Year’s Day is on a Thursday? Did you know the irrational fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia? Did you know Jason Voorhees was not originally intended to be the main character in the movies at all? Wow, you don’t know very much do you?

Listen to this episode for some mind-blowing facts and more jokes than you can stab with a rusty knife. Our special guest, Carl…

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Star Trek TOS Pt. 2 – RIP Spock

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In part two of our Spocktacular Star Trek podcast, we break down the movies starring the original cast. Well, we mainly talk about Wrath of Khan and how great it was. We also recap and compare Star Trek movies 1 – 6, including more obscure facts. Finally, Pierre tries to stump Travis and special guest David with Trekkie trivia and fails miserably, leading one to naturally question how active our social lives really were in high school.

LLAP (for all you non-Trekkies, that stands for “Listen, Laugh And Ponder-the-meaning-of-your-existence-in-this-vast-emptiness-of-space-otherwise-devoid-of-life-and-any-apparent-purpose).

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Episode 9 – Video Games: Past, Present, and Future

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Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this…

Who are we kidding? We had all of those systems. In fact, we were practically raised by video games. This is why we swore long-ago our first-born sons would be named “Link” or “Shinobi.” (Fortunately neither of us have sons… at least not that we know of. I tried to name one of my daughters Zelda but for some reason my wife vetoed it).

In the first half of this two part extravaganza, we chronicle the earliest days of home consoles starting with the wonderful Intellivision. We then evaluate two decades worth of video game history in about 20 minutes (impressive, right?). Pierre explains why he always has been and always will be a gamer (who needs a social life?) Travis then says the complete opposite and labels himself a “last-gen gamer.” Join us for an 8-bit stroll through…

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Episode 7 – Wrestlemania

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See what I did there – I replaced “wrestling” with… never mind. Hey, if you’re going to do a WWF show, you gotta go big. In this episode we wax poetic about the elegant male ballet/soap opera that was WWF wrestling in the 80s. Yes, we know that WWE is the same brand and wrestling still exists, but it is nothing like it used to be and we explain why.

We start the show by bringing up long-forgotten names in the wrestling game. Then, Travis tells his tale of seeing wrestling live with his grandma and Pierre explains to properly watch scrambled cable TV signals. In the second half, we recap Wrestlemania 1 & 2 by reviewing the best matches. Plus, we almost interview an ex-WWF star (write me back Tito Santana!) Finally, we introduce a new segment (with more original music) called “Where are…

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Episode 6 – Cold War Kids


Listen, you pricks

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I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Cold War Kid… wait, wrong 80s reference.

Many people remember the 80s as a simpler time: before Al Gore invented the internet and computers ruled the earth, when Bruce Jenner was on the Wheaties box for being a great male athlete, and when Bill Cosby was the American ideal of a husband and father. One thing that seems to almost be forgotten is that in this era of bright spandex outifts, synthesized music, and rampant individualism, we were at constant threat of being blown to hell by nuclear war. Of course, the Cold War officially ended with the end of the decade itself and Soviets were no longer mortal enemies. Throughout the 80s though, we fully embraced the idea of USA vs. Russia as the definition of Good vs. Evil, which was reflected in the media of the time.

In this episode, we recount our impressions of…

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Fuck you Science, this is ‘Murica

So now, in the year 2015, we’re actually debating about whether or not we should vaccinate our kids, or to be more nuanced, whether people should be compelled by law to vaccinate their kids, as my Libertarian friends maintain. But, well, this discussion really misses the point. The really, important, salient point. That being it’s the year 2015, and we’re actually having a fucking “debate” about whether people should be compelled to vaccinate their fucking kids against once eradicated diseases.

Let’s forget for a second that arguing about the “right” to decide whether to vaccinate your kids or not, (if you say have been educated to even the very basics of germ theory and the history of what pathogens do to people throughout the history of mankind), is a lot like arguing about whether you have the right to allow your kids to bathe and drink from open sewers.


Sure, you can make to me what you think is a compelling argument based on your strong belief in government overreach, but at the end of the day you’re arguing for the right for dangerously stupid and/or insane people to have the right to put their children, themselves, and the public at large in mortal danger. There’s no getting around that reality, and it falls apart when other matters of common sense come in to play.

But, recent events really highlight how politics (and unrequited arrogance of American exceptionalism) vs. science is a battle science has lost, and to that end, we all lose, and will lose big. The anti-vaccer movement, which was born and bred of bad science (i.e. one completely debunked study with a sample size so small and methods so questionable it would have been laughed out of an entry level undergrad research methods class, yet managed to get published) and is now championed by scientific heavyweights such as Jenny McCarthy and Rob Schneider, is a thing in this country, because of course it is.

This wasn’t a left-right issue a few years ago. In fact, as most liberals will tell you, it was other jackass “liberals” who were championing the anti-vaccer cause, including a Rolling Stone article by RFK Jr. which cited bad science and a government cover up. But then just this past Sunday, President Obama stated unequivocally that parents should vaccinate their kids, and that the science was “pretty much indisputable.” Not sure what the “pretty much” bit was about, but you know, fucking politicians.

It should be noted that these two assholes may have thrown out a few anti-vaccer winks during the 2008 presidential campaign

Well, we have a 2016 GOP primary fight heating up, and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.. if Obama says the sky is blue, you better keep up with the god damn Joneses and find a way to make it red, buddy. How else might you explain Chris Christie stepping in it while in London and blowing an anti-vaccer kiss Jenny McCarthy’s way? And shit, if Christie’s gonna go there, the good Dr. Randerthan Paul better get it on the act, pointing out begrudgingly that yea, vaccines are good and he swings that way, but look out.. it might make your kids retarded!

This of course is an old trick to fool the stupid. Confuse correlation with causation. (the media looooves this trick, by the way). it’s easy.. try this. Tell your mouth-breathing neighbor that 43% of American males that drink tap water will develop cancer in their lifetime. You won’t be lying. We all drink tap water (most bottled water is just that, chemically treated), and 43% of American males will develop some type of cancer in their lifetime. Now watch that dumbfuck next door run out and stock up on Evian.

Therein lies the problem, and the danger of Christie and Paul and some others getting into this game. It’s not that people are just too stupid to grasp the intricacies of science. It’s that they are often too stupid to even understand the basic tenets of the scientific method, or even the very basics of the dictionary definition. It’s why there’s no point in trying to “debate” an evolution denier (see Marco Rubio pic at top) when said person probably doesn’t even understand the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. This rejection of even the basic understanding of science and scientific consensus goes light years into fooling people into thinking Climate Change is still “debatable” as well. That, or fuck science altogether, ’cause it’s a partisan thing.

The danger is that the Obama-hatin’ right will go to great lengths to refuse and reject anything associated with Obama or the left. If Obama wanted to troll these people, he could hold a national address stating that Americans should continue to breathe oxygen. Inevitably you’d find some folks in the south that would try to breathe sulfur dioxide, with someone from the 2016 GOP field inevitably giving them the thumbs up to try that in their lungs.

Up yours, OBAMA!

Now, maybe I am going a little overboard and I should point out that even the unctuous Ben Carson and most of Fox News has pointed out how unfathomably stupid giving credence to the anti-vaccine movement is. But if there’s been one side of the left/right polarization that has given the finger to science and reason and has a group of sycophants who like to roll with that attitude (usually for bible-thumpin’ reasons) it’s been the right. So if there was to be a massive new movement of anti-vaccholes outside the small enclave of mostly California neo-hippie new age raw food enema types, it would be a group of paranoid right-wing “keep your damn government hands off my right to let my kid get smallpox and die horribly” folks. And that’s why I think guys like Dr. Rand should STFU and stick to their usual shtick, like belonging to groups who advocate that HIV doesn’t actually cause AIDS. 

I mean.. what could go wrong?